Hi, I’m Ebony 1/3

Hi, my name is Ebony Leola Whitehead and I am 15 years old. My birthday is 14 March 2002, but I was supposed to be born on the 10 June 2002, this means I was born at 27 weeks. Because I was this early, I lost oxygen to the brain and my heart stopped three weeks later. 

After a traumatic couple of months of me being in the intensive care baby unit in an incubator, my parents could take me home. It wasn’t until I was 1 years of age that my parents found out there was something wrong with my legs. After that, it took a while longer for me to be diagnosed with CP or Cerebral Palsy. There are several different types of CP. I have Double hemiplegia, which effects me mainly on the left hand side of my body. With my CP, I have muscular spasms A LOT 😂 though sometimes there only small. I also can get really tired at times, which is a right pain.  

I started at Peter Pans nursery when I was 2 and stayed till I was 2 1/2 or 3. Then I went on to a school in Knaresbourgh called Forest school, which is a special needs school for people with physical or mental disabilities. I don’t really remember much from that time, but I don’t think many people do. I remembered bits and bobs, but not essential memories, I guess. I remember Christmas plays, but i think that’s just because my nana has one of them on DVD (and it has to be the one were I was a sheep doesn’t it 😂) . After a while my mum noticed I was two smart for my own good and decided I need to be in a mainstream school, so she started searching…

Because I don’t want to bore you all to death, I’m splitting my journey up in to 3 parts, so I guess this is one of three, my next post will be about primary school and the struggles of growing up with CP.

Till next time 

Ebony 🌸


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