Hi, I’m Ebony 2/3

Hi guys, it’s me Back again for part two of my amazing journey. 

After nursery and forest I started Escrick primary school, which back then I thought it was an amazing experience, but it didn’t end up being all that great. I guess when your 5 or 6 primary seems like such an amazing place full of great opportunities, but oh well. 

I guess the hardest part of primary school for me was constantly feeling like I needed to change to be able to fit in and keep my “friends”. Throughout primary I was bullied because… well, to be honest I never got to figure out why, though, now I think about it, knowing why would just give the bullies an excuse. At first, not many people thought I was being bullied, apart from my mum, but it took the school ages to intervene because they never saw anything happen, it took me actually answering a survey for them to realise that something was going on and that was in about year 3/4.

At primary school the thing that I most enjoyed was when we did school plays, but as you get older you start to realise that your not always really wanted anywhere. In my school plays I’d always get stuck with being in the background, like when we did Joseph and his technicolor dreamcoat, I was the chariot because of the wheelchair, I mean at first I didn’t think anything of it, but it started to get annoying when I had to watch every rehearse constantly. Another example of me in a school play was when they made me play the triangle in grease as part of the “band”, I can imagine playing a triangle at the best of times can be hard, but put muscle spasms and nerves on top of that and you officially have a recipe for disaster.

The other thing about growing up and going to primary school with a disability, is that many people see the disability before they see the person. I remember in my first week of primary, kids would come up to my T.A or me and ask me why I was in a wheelchair, and as a child you don’t really want to have to explain it all because in your head you still have the dream of being able to walk and run like all the other kids.

Do I miss primary school, no. Do I wish things could have been different, no , because it’s made me the person I am today. Without the struggles, I probably wouldn’t have learned perseverance and I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.

Thank you for reading part 2, the next part will be about HIGH SCHOOL!!!!

till next time 



1 thought on “Hi, I’m Ebony 2/3”

  1. It’s ur ever devoted nana Sandy u r the most inspiring individual I no eb’s u just keep on bing u ther r no limits to wot u can achieve in life sweetheart u’v already smashed it xxx😘


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